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Trilobite® Premium Aramid Fashion

Trilobite® Premium Aramid Fashion
, one of the most technically advanced product ranges in this segment, is introducing new unique motorcycle apparel in its our new collection. We do not follow trends, we want to set them. Trilobite® is a complex hi-tech riding equipment with fashion look designated for a wide group of riders.

In new collection we focus on waterproof features of our products and our development team has used Trilobite® patented material Trilobitex® which carries nano technologies inside in several new products.

Since 2012 we have been making Trilobite® motorcycle apparel with determination, respect and our own experience of everyday motorcycle riding. We never stop and always search for further improvements to make new breakthroughs in the world of stylish, safe and comfortable motorcycle riding fashion.

Wearing Trilobite® means being different, same different like our product are from others available on the market.