We understand jeans

Our smaller Czech stitching unit located in the same facility as Trilobite development department gives us new experience every day on how to properly sew jeans. We precisely measure, cut and sew, based on our own cuts with great attention to detail. Handcrafted, tradition and a good feeling from a job fine tuned to perfection. These are our values. We create the same values ​​and quality in the production facility in Pakistan, in a large scale however.

Production flexibility

Possibility to prioritize items to be produced, possibility to affect the running production at every step.

Professional labor

A team of workers trained exclusively for Trilobite® products = faster production, perfect processing, correct technological procedure during production.

Frequent and regular contact with the production facility

Detailed view of production steps = possibility to directly control production and avoid potential errors = consistent quality.

High quality standard

Sophisticated quality control system in every production step.

Team work

No longer importer-factory relation. Trilobite® work as a team with its own production facility.

Advantages of own facilities https://trilobitemoto.com/images/facilities.jpg Trilobite®