Trilobite 1997 Rally 2.0 men jacket brown - size 2XL

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In 2019 collection we are introducing an improved version of the popular Rally jacket. All technical features and general characteristics have been preserved. Rally 2.0 jacket composes of three layers. Outer shell is made of the combination of Wax Cotton and Trilobitex® denim. Tri-tex® waterproof membrane creates a removable mid layer with the 10 000 mm water column. The layer closest to the body is made with a removable thermo Polyester liner. The zippers of individual layers have different color for your better orientation. Denim panels on the jacket are made of Trilobitex® technical denim which contains aramid fibers and nano membrane inside. These attributes give Rally jacket extensive abrasion and water resistance qualities. To increase protection, shoulders are equipped with anti-abrasion carbon look TPU protectors.

Rally 2.0 has new cargo style pockets and one extra pocket for your convenience in the front part. There are various reflective elements all over the jacket to increase visibility of the rider on road.

When your bike needs an attention, or you search the map looking for direction and it is dark outside, the tiny yet powerful Micro Photon II Super LED light is handy on your jacket. The beam of light is visible 1,6 km and it is rated 4,5+ Lumens, although actual output is somewhat higher. The light can run 12hours of countinuous usage and it works even in sub-zero temperatures. It weights only 7 grams and the combination of Photon´s glass-filled Polyurethane body and unbreakable LED bulb makes a virtually indestructible light. Every rider trully welcomes this feature.

New multiple adjustment belts make it easy to find the right set up of the fitting. Rally 2.0 has slightly longer fitting to fully cover your back not only when standing on the foot rests on your enduro bike. This is a common feature for all travel jackets.

The jacket is hydrophobically treated with to boost up its waterproof features. In the front part and sleeves there are extensive air ventilation inlets which bring enough fresh air. At the back side there is an air outlet which takes the hot air away. A noticeable element at the back side of the jacket is an enduro style pocket where riders can store travel equipment, for example maps, travel guides and others.

Rally 2.0 jacket is a complex product for travelers who search for a balanced level of comfort, safety and functionality. It is the right choice for long distance riding.

Outer material: 

  • 78% Wax Cotton, 25% Trilobitex®


  • CE level 2 in shoulders and elbows; prepared for back protector
  • Aramid Fibers made with original Kevlar® by DuPont™ inside Trilobitex®

Ergonomic Features:

  • 10 pockets; large storage space at the back
  • Adjustable waist and sleeves
  • Collar lock


  • Reflective elements in front and back
  • MicroPhoton II Super LED light


  • Air vent inlets on chest and sleeves, air outlet at the back
  • Breathable Tri-Tex® membrane with 10 000g/m2/24h

Thermo insulation:

  • Removable Thermolite® lining

Water resistance:

  • Tri-Tex® membrane with 10.000 mm water column


Travel off road and on road style, adventure riding, men EU sizes. (S - 4XL) Perfectly matches with Trilobite® Agnox and Probut X-factor jeans. 

Kevlar® and DuPont™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.