Trilobite Parado men Monolayer / CE AAA blue jeans

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Outer material: 
▪ TRI-STRETCHER PRO 5.0 Denim (Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Dyneema, Elastane), Stretch Fabric (Polyamide)
▪ Removable CE LEVEL 2 protectors are included in knees and hips. CE LEVEL 2 knee protectors adjustable in height and side as well
Ergonomic features:
▪ 5 pockets 
▪ Stretch panels in knees, back waist, and crotch
▪ Adjustable height of knee protectors
▪ Double belt loops in front
▪ Raised waist belt at the back
▪ Thighs air vent pockets
▪ Breathable crotch panel
▪ Slim fit
TRI-STRETCHER® 5.0 is a modern fabric which is the future of riding. Made from a mix of materials from polyamid family like Nylon and aromatic polyamids like Aramids or polyurethane made from Elastane, which include natural cotton fabric. That’s unique for its amazing strength while still being light in weight. TRI-STRETCHER® 5.0 is one clever „team“ of diferent fibers woven together that will protect you in case of an accident with the same performance as full leathers, but without compromising on comfort.